Introduction To FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware is a powerful BPM platform for building process-driven business applications. With Processware you can quickly build, integrate, and evolve applications for any company, without adding unnecessary complexity to the organisation’s IT architecture.

Fundamental Components Of FlowCentric Processware

FlowCentric Processware 2019 Architecture Diagram

Web Navigator

This is the primary web client in Processware, and the only part of the Processware product that most business users see. The web client allows for greater customisation and extensibility, ensuring that each customer can achieve a user interface that meets their corporate requirements.

Process Suite

This is the primary design-time development environment for Processware. The suite provides developers and administrators with the ability to design and build processes and manage the corporate users along with the users’ relationships within these processes.

Activity Server

The Activity Server is the core of the Processware platform. It is the engine which executes the process instances that are built in the Process Suite, and that services the runtime systems connecting to it.

FlowCentric Processware Database

FlowCentric Processware supports Microsoft SQL Server relational database backend.

Design Time Vs. Run Time

All form design elements are completed in the Process Suite first, thereafter developers add either VBScript using the Process Suite, or C# code using Microsoft Visual Studio.

In earlier versions of Processware, developers only had the option to code process logic in VBScript, using the Process Suite.  In Processware 2019 developers have the additional option of coding process logic in C# using Visual Studio. Form design elements can be changed in the Process Suite at any time.

FlowCentric Processware’s out-of-the-box features are designed to save companies on time and development costs, while freeing developers to concentrate on creating and supporting powerful process-driven applications designed to improve corporate performance.